FaceLookLive is coming to Luminaria in San Antonio, Tx

October 23-24, 2015 7PM to Midnight

FaceLookLive is an installation created by Noah Voelker (US/NL) in collaboration with Abigail Entsminger (US) and Seth Larson (US), originally curated for the Fuchsbau Festival 2015 in Hannover, Germany. The installation investigates the role of social media, personal information, self-image, and connectivity in our everyday life through a unique new offline social media interface platform called FaceLookLive. During the two days of the festival, FaceLookLive will grow and change as a physical installation as well as a medium through which real analogue connectivity can occur between the those who attend the festival. FaceLookLive invites you to visit our installation during the festival and become an exclusive free beta user in the exciting new realm of analogue social media connections.

When you stop by the FaceLookLive installation,our Connectivity Experts will assist you in joining our Luminaria 2015 network so that we can connect you to other interesting and exciting users who are also at the festival. During the festival our installation will grow and change as more people become FaceLookLive users and interact with each other. We will also host special FaceLookLive events only available to users of the network. This weekend at Luminaria cut the cord to your online social media and try out the new Analogue Social Media FaceLookLive.